CD artwork design, photography and vocals for The Psychedelic Manifesto’s album ‘Garden Of Dreams

Vocals in Garden Of Dreams

All Songs Written Produced & Arranged by The Psychedelic Manifesto (Plus Brit Leissler on ‘Inside’)

Music: Chris Garland, Matthew Leigh Embleton (Plus Brit Leissler On ‘Inside’)
Lyrics: Chris Garland
Vocals: Chris Garland, Hong Guo (Plus Brit Leissler On ‘Inside’)
Produced by Matthew Leigh Embleton & Chris Garland

Track list:
1. Lost
2. Believe In love
3. Life In A Day
4. Marrakech
5. Post Modern Buddha
6. Fire
7. Music Is Love
8. Hypnotized
9. Inside

“The Psychedelic Manifesto’s Garden Of Dreams is Perfect English Romanticism, Pastoral Lyricism, Gentle Psychedelia, Timeless, Zen Like and Extremely Beautiful”
– Japanese Art & Design Historian & Writer, July 2013

TPM-Garden Of Dreams-Band Portrait

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