Website design and development for SaludableOmaha – Youth Latino Health Movement, focus on multimedia and social media.

Role: Designer/Developer (UI design, WordPress + high level customization)

Situation: This was an urgent job in 2012, since the company commissioned to develop this website had for various reasons abandoned my client, and my client turned to me for help to build this website from scratch, for launching in 10 days.

Task: Design the information structure, content strategy, part of the site graphics and develop the whole site.

Approach: I worked closely with the client (who is the founder of Saludable Omaha project and also a copywriter) from start to finish. After communicating with client, I found that the original site structure didn’t work well, so I suggested a new structure and worked with the client to create all content. Due to the time constraint, I had to find the most efficient way of working to hit the deadline. I did both development and design simultaneously, also including moving hosting etc. The site was constructed using WordPress, with high-level customization, including multimedia, social media, and member system.

Results: The website was delivered on time, and the client was very happy with it. The site is still serving the project and community to this day. - founders