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Situation: Doddle is an exciting new parcel service with stores based in railway stations and major hubs across Britain. After finishing the Doddle discovery project, we were commissioned to develop an MVP app for iPhone and Android smartphones for launching in 6 weeks time. My role was as UX architect, and was overseen by a senior colleague.

Task: My task was to design the user experience of an MVP app based on our discovery outcome, with functions that are essential and achievable within the time scale.

Approach: We worked in an Agile way for this project, on a feature by feature basis. Our project team sitting together and working very closely throughout the project.

  • Userflow: After scoping, I designed the userflow of the whole app in Omnigraffle, containing all functions and elements on screens.
  • Wireflows: I designed wireflows with annotation wherever is necessary, to show the flow clearly, and maximize efficiency. We constantly improve our format of deliverables over time, and select the right ones for each unique project.
  • Prototypes: I created click through wireframe prototypes in InVision to show client the screen designs and flow of the app on a device. I’ve also created specific interactive animation prototypes in Pixate to show unique transitions. In addition, I created animation for welcome screens in After Effects to communicate the movement and timing to developers. All prototypes were used in user testing and played an important role in communication and iteration.
  • Future planning: When designing for MVP, we plan for the future too. With the future functions in mind, we were able to ensure the consistency and efficiency of the project in the long term.

Results: MVP app was launched on time, and was featured in App Store. We are now developing the day 2 features and enhancement. The app is growing with the business.

Doddle MVP userflow - registration/login for iPhone

Doddle MVP – Userflow – Registration/Login for iPhone

Doddle MVP - Wireflow - My Doddle

Doddle MVP – Wireflow – My Doddle for iPhone

Day 2 - Doddle user types

Day 2 – Doddle user types

Day 2 - Doddle card capture

Day 2 – Doddle card capture

Day 2 - Doddle card logic

Day 2 – Doddle card logic