Hong Guo

I’m a bespoke design technologist. I enjoy using state of the art technology to create original, beautiful and impactful emotional design. I currently work as a User Experience Architect in central London.

I’m enthusiastic about using design and technology to solve problems and improve people’s lives. I believe the only way to do so is to look at the problem from different angles in order to fully understand it, find the root cause then solve it, rather than taking stop-gap measures. I’m also interested in behavioral psychology, and its relationship to communication cultures.

In my spare time, I play the piano, sing, do Reiki healing, paint, run a clothing label and a music label.

“Creative, meticulous and able to adjust her design process to guarantee the delivery of projects. Hong is the designer that you want to have in your team when there is a challenging experience to be designed, managing team, clients and guarantee the success of the project from discovery to production.”

– Andreas Turcati

“Blessed with genuine ‘creative karma’, Hong Guo’s work is a unique blend of state of the art computer science technology and an inspired conceptual, playful, almost effortlessly original talent for delivering fast track client pleasing impactful emotional design.

For someone so highly qualified, she is refreshingly free of ego and vanity. She never the less has the rare gift to lead, innovate and guide through emotional intelligence, intelligent argument and great ideas. Her natural ‘oriental’ charm, humour, style and almost ‘zen like’ ability to create unity, focus and those legendary ‘good vibrations’ make her a sure fire winning ticket and crowd pleaser for client, team and colleagues alike.

As you will no doubt discover, there is only one Hong Guo.”